Equipment for hydroponic cultivation at home

Equipment for hydroponic cultivation at home

The essence of the method of growing vegetables and any other crops in hydroponics is growing without using a soil substrate. In a hydroponic plant, the soil substrate is replaced by inert substrates (or so-called substrate components) such as expanded clay, vermiculite, rock wool. Often the nutrient solution itself can act as a substrate – water with micro, macroelements, and vitamins dissolved in it.

Equipment for growing in hydroponics can be purchased immediately ready-made or made independently of scrap materials at home. More about cannabis trim tray here.

In the same article, we will tell you about ready-made solutions for organizing a year-round vegetable garden.

Hydroponic installation “Home miracle garden”

The hydroponic system home miracle garden consists of 20 seats, mainly used for forcing seedlings, rooting cuttings, as well as for growing green onions, lettuce, and other herbs. The compact dimensions of the system 42 * 14 * 19 cm (L * H * W) allow you to place it on a windowsill or in any place convenient for you.

This type of hydroponic growing equipment comes with a compressor, aerator, air hoses, seedling inserts, and transparent covers. The system is produced in Russia and, in our opinion, is the ideal option in terms of price-quality ratio for novice gardeners.

Praktica system

Praktica is a system for 4 plants. It is a square tank with a volume of 80 liters, which is also a tray for planting. The pallet is equipped with a drainage system and a drip line. The package includes a compressor for increasing the amount of oxygen in the nutrient solution and a pump for feeding the nutrient solution from the tank.

The system tray provides a place for installing devices that control the moisture content of the substrate and the liquid level in the tank. A distinctive feature is the tightness of the system, without the risk of flooding the neighbors, as well as the versatility and the possibility of using this system in a reversible and non-reversible method.

EcoGrower hydroponic plant

EcoGrower is a 6-seat hydroponic system equipped with Spider drip irrigation. The principle of operation is to pump air pressure into the tank. The oxygenated nutrient solution rises up the tube and passes through the Spider distribution system. The solution then flows down the roots of the plant back into the reservoir.

The system uses a 66 x 43 cm hexagonal RainForest2 tank with replaceable inserts. Each insert is prepared for a 15 cm pot in which a large enough plant can be grown. EcoGrower is one of the most advanced growing systems, offering the right combination of convenience, price, quality and durability.

What is the result

Recently, hydroponics has been actively developing in Russia. This is due to the fact that most of the country is a territory of risky farming due to climatic conditions. The hydroponic plant allows you to grow fruits and vegetables indoors, all year round, and get a high-quality and large harvest from a small area. Drip irrigation systems are very popular due to their simplicity and efficiency.

If you have any questions or need help with your choice, feel free to contact the online consultant. Our team wishes you great harvests!


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