Why And How To Attract Bees To Your Garden

Why And How To Attract Bees To Your Garden

They are the engine of the Planet, and ours also depends on their survival. A compelling reason for us to consider how to attract bees to our garden. A way to put our grain of sand in the care of the environment. And no: it is not a task that we can postpone. The bee has a fundamental weight in all ecosystems. Pollination depends, to a large extent, and, therefore, that plants bear fruit. A reason vital enough to consider how to collaborate with their work. And what is more important: with its survival.

It is true that, on many occasions, attracting bees to our garden causes us some fear. We tend to think that they can be dangerous insects for humans. A true myth, since the bee is not aggressive, nor will it try to attack us. Actually, his only desire will be to suck the nectar of different flowers. Therefore, if we do not disturb them during their work, we will not have any problem with them.

Clear the doubt of its danger. Let’s see how to make bees look at us with good eyes. Or, rather, how to turn our garden into space where bees feel comfortable and, most importantly, safe.


Something that puts in the same bag ladybugs, butterflies, bees, and other insects with the ability to pollinate. Let’s not fool ourselves: although attracting bees is our main objective, it is not bad that other insects also visit us. Their presence is a guarantee that our environment is healthy at an environmental level. In addition, they also help pollinate. It is true that their ability to do so does not reach the levels of bees, but it all adds up!

If our intention is to attract bees to the garden, there are some tricks to achieve it. We talk about insects with very specific routines and needs. Let’s not confuse this with something complicated because, really, it is much simpler than it seems. Just know what they demand and offer it so that, at least, they come to visit us.

1. Build a shelter for them

A fundamental aspect of attracting bees and settling in our environment is that they have a space in which to protect themselves. As with other pollinating insects, a hotel for insects can be a good starting point. Although bees usually live in a community with a good number of specimens, it can be a good starting point for them to settle.

If you decide to create a shelter for bees, it is important to keep something in mind. The ideal is to do it only if we have a garden of good dimensions. The reason is simple: the idea is to place it as far as possible from our house. And not just for a security issue. Doing so makes the bees feel comfortable and calm. Something that will improve the options that are installed to live in it.

2. Include aromatic plants among your plants

The aromatic plants are favorite families of most of those who love gardening. And it is logical: in addition to having a unique perfume, many of them have culinary and medicinal applications. Two reasons to count on them that could well turn into three: aromatics have the incredible ability to attract bees.

 So rosemary, lavender, or echinacea are some of the plants that will help us attract bees.

3. Plant hedges and medium-sized shrubs around the garden or orchard

Using hedges and shrubs to delimit a garden or an orchard is a common practice. A way to create a small plant wall, which allows us to enjoy nature with more privacy.

Well, beyond this aesthetic value, hedges and shrubs have another unique environment to attract bees and other beneficial insects. Thanks to its network of branches and leaves, they are an exceptional natural refuge for all this type of fauna.

4. Avoid using chemicals, essential to attracting bees, and ensure their life!

One of the biggest enemies of bees is the chemicals we use for the garden and for the garden. Both insecticides and pesticides or pesticides seriously compromise your life. In fact, all these products are already considered the main responsible for the disappearance of this precious insect.

Well, after knowing this, how to ensure the care of our plants? A simple answer question. Betting on organic and natural products. Some that, despite eliminating garden pests, allow us to ally with bees.

Moreover, the more natural our garden is, the more options we will have to enjoy bees in it.

5. Have the bees’ favorite flowers and plants in the garden

We finish our tips to attract bees with one of absolute effectiveness. And it is that these valuable insects have their preferences, and the fan is wide. Let us base ourselves on two aspects that, for them, are a magnet: on the one hand, the white tones; on the other, the aroma.


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