Tips For The Garden, Flowers And Plants

Tips For The Garden, Flowers And Plants

The most important thing for a gardener is the interest in learning and not stop observing.

It is highly recommended to keep an agenda with everything that happens and do in the garden. This information will be very useful for the present and for the future (years to come).

If you start in the world of gardening it is better to start with easy plants that do not require much experience. For example, Gardenia is quite difficult to make prosper for someone who does not know how to meet all the demands it has. You can get frustrated and discouraged. For the moment, the important thing is that your first attempts are satisfactory and you are encouraged to continue progressing.

Available time: if the weekend is the time you have to devote to gardening, do not get carried away by great projects and buy more plants than you can attend.


A styling or not you dig a soil deeper than 25 cm to not get below ground is much less fertile than the superficial.


Breaks the surface crust that forms on the ground through a light cellar with the hoe. This hard crust prevents aeration of the earth and water absorption.

Variegated leaves

If you want to preserve the different shades of variegated plants (leaves stained with white, yellow or other colors), cut the branches that come out with completely green leaves.

Plants with more flowers

  • Buy plants with few flowers open but with many buds to open.
  • Give him plenty of light.
  • Slightly damp earth.
  • Fertilizer rich in phosphorus and potassium.


When you observe that the garden or in the garden worms do not eliminate them since they aerate the earth with their galleries and their excrements it constitutes an excellent fertilizer and soil improver. They eat organic waste in the earth, not roots.

Birds in the garden Birds apart from their beauty, feed on insects harmful to plants. A garden with birds has fewer insects than another without birds in abundance. Try to attract them and make them your allies by providing them with a nest or shelter. On the contrary, if you grow fruit and vegetables, they can become harmful when you eat or peck the crop.

Brushcutter damage

It is common to produce wounds at ground level in trees and shrubs with the brushcutter of nylon thread when you want to cut grass or grasses attached to the trunks. The tree or shrub will accuse it and if the wound completely surrounds the stem it “rings” and will die.

To avoid this place a protector around the neck of the plant of a height not less than 10 cm .. It serves, for example, a piece of PVC pipe with a cut along. You open it and put it in the stem.

Another alternative to avoid such damage to the brushcutter at ground level is to keep the base of trees and shrubs free of grass. Trees that are planted on the lawn should have an alcorque made at the base. This consists of a clean circle of grass and grass. A geotextile mesh is placed and on this crushed pine bark, gravel, etc.

Fuels for machinery

Do not store fuel (gasoline or diesel) for more than 2 months. If this time passes, consume it by throwing it in the car, which will not affect you. To remember the purchase date, write it with a marker.

It is very common in lawnmowers to leave them unused winter with stagnant fuel. When the new season arrives, it no longer starts or works with ups and downs and gives problems. The carburetor needs to be repaired or replaced and the entire fuel circuit must be purged of past fuel. Visit the mandatory workshop.


An electric or gasoline blower of the type of photography is extremely practical. The gasoline ones are more resistant and give the independence of not having cable.

You can pile up the waste and remove dust, dirt, leaves, etc. of pavements fast and with little effort.


The high-pressure cleaners water is ideal for cleaning decks, porches, facades of houses, fences, pools and garden paths.


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