The Garden In Your Living Room: How To Care For Roses In Pots

The Garden In Your Living Room: How To Care For Roses In Pots

Although a garden with climbing roses and tall rosebushes can be very colorful and striking, many times, you will not have in your home all the space you would like. Therefore, you will have to move to solutions such as planting your plants in pots … And that is something you can do with roses too. Although they are sensitive flowers, you just have to follow some basic tips to know how to care for roses in pots. I explain to you right here:

When space is reduced … Plant your roses in pots

Looking to plant your roses in pots, keep these details in mind: To begin with, you will need pots of at least 40 cm in diameter, and the same in height (rose bushes are plants with very deep roots). But you will have to give them extra care: roses are a type of plant that needs a lot of lands to grow, so when sowing them in pots, you will have to take into account several additional details if you want them to look beautiful and healthy when spring arrives.

Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers.

In addition to following all the important indications when planting flowers in pots, keep in mind the first and most important point: It is important that you place your rosebushes in a pot in full sun as much as possible, although protecting them in hot seasons.

Water is very important to care for your roses.

Also, water the soil abundantly, not very often but with plenty of water that reaches the bottom of the pot (you will need containers with evacuation holes at the bottom, to avoid the excess of water).

Water, for example, first thing in the morning, and during the hottest seasons also late in the afternoon, after the sun has gone down. Check the humidity of the earth: if it is dry about two centimeters, it is time to water as soon as possible.

If you want to prevent the gun from evaporating excessively, use bark chips. You already know that they are good for maintaining moisture in the earth. And another important detail of potted roses: Remember that you should transplant every two years or so!

A benefit of planting your roses in pots

Sowing your flowers in pots has a benefit very large for plants: If you live in quite cold areas during the fall/winter, you can move your potted plants. Take special care with your roses and keep them protected from prolonged cold air currents if you want them to grow strong. Even so, the leaves of your rose bushes need air to dry enough, or they may be more prone to moisture diseases.

Another important tip is that being unable to nourish so naturally from the earth, you provide a product rich in magnesium for spring. You will enhance the foliage, and your roses will thank you. You

should already have much clearer how to care for roses in pots.

And I hope so. These tips, although basic, are essential to take care of your roses planted in pots. It is a very colorful and cheerful type of flowers, although so sensitive and fragile at the same time. Be sure to follow these points and ask us any questions you may have. Also, tell us down here how your roses went.


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