Planting And Plant Transplantation

Planting And Plant Transplantation
  • Autumn is a good time to plant in general; In warm weather, even better than spring. Planting in early autumn allows winter rains to deal with irrigation and be established by the time spring comes.
  • You can plant trees and shrubs at any time of the year if they come in a pot or container.
  • Do not plant too tight because then it is detrimental because of the competition that occurs between the specimens, space, light, water, and soil nutrients. Separate so that trees, shrubs, and herbaceous can develop properly. This is a very frequent mistake. It is preferable to have patience, separate them more, and in the case of bushes, plant seasonal plants in the hollows. All to avoid having to eliminate or transplant the plant mass that forms.
  • You should choose plants for sun or shade according to the light they will have. Flowering plants need more sun. 
  • In difficult conditions of strong wind, choose hard species, and protect them.
  • Write down the dates when you sow or plant something.
  • If necessary, provide some shade to the most sensitive species by installing a shade mesh.
  • Water the weeks after planting a lot.
  • Spray regularly to increase overall humidity but not if the sun is high, but in the early morning or at dusk.
  • The plants have to acclimatize to their new site, and it takes some time until they resume growth.


  • It is preferable to choose a cloudy and cool day.
  • The day before removing the plant water to moisten the soil.
  • The land that the plant will receive must be carefully prepared: remove the soil and fertilize it.
  • After the transplant, it is essential to water abundantly.
  • Prune part of the cup to prevent excessive perspiration from wilting to the plant.


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