Lawn Care In Summer

Lawn Care In Summer

He is the protagonist of a good part of our days and nights of this time of year. Therefore, we must not lose sight of lawn care in the summer. Some that we have to meet rigorously so that, both in June and September, our green carpet is in perfect condition. Something certainly complicated, since the use that is given in the summer months is much higher than the rest of the year. An enjoyment that, if we do not have a strong and healthy lawn, will take its toll.

But it is not only the use that forces extreme lawn care in summer. The characteristics of the station are real enemies of their health. And we don’t talk only about the lack of rainfall. The heat also brings the appearance of fungi in the grass. A disease that not only affects the whole of our garden. It can also cause the death of the affected herb.

For these reasons, paying attention to lawn care in summer is key. Only then can we fully enjoy that unique natural carpet. And not only that: the pampering that we dispense in the hot months will also be a health guarantee for the fall.


Lawn care in summer does not differ, for the most part, from what the rest of the year demands. In reality, they only involve paying special attention to some tasks that, in the hot months, we will have to carry out in a different way or with a different intensity. And, even though we believe that the grass always behaves the same, nothing is further from reality. Weather conditions affect you like any other plant species. And, only knowing how to minimize its impact, we will be able to enjoy it fully.

Let’s see in detail what are the care of the lawn in summer. And, more importantly, how should we carry them out.

1. Segar, the main task of the hot months

Mowing is, without a doubt, one of the fundamental summer lawn care. We talk about a task that, in the hot months, we will have to do at least once a week. But beware of this: it is not a universal maxim. The environment will mark the growth of our grass. So rather than guide us one day a week to mow, the really crucial thing is to observe and cut only when you need it.

As important as mowing is doing it at the right height. As much as we have irrigation systems installed, the grass suffers in the hot months. Therefore, in summer, we must exercise caution and choose a good cutting height. The reason is simple: if we hurry a lot and leave it very short, the grass can have serious difficulties to grow at a good pace. Therefore, in the summer months, the ideal is to have a height of five centimeters. In this way, our grass will have the ability to absorb water and allow its roots to grow properly.

If we cut it excessively, the grass will need a lot of energy to grow. And not only that: if it weakens, it will give ground to adventitious plants. So it is better to ensure their health, although we have to reap more often than to consider the arduous task of how to eradicate weeds from the garden.

2. Irrigation in its proper measure, key in lawn care in summer

Summer is a wonderful season because of the many hours of sun and high temperatures. But let’s not get confused: all of this brings significant stress to our plants. One who does not get rid of the grass. And it is logical: to look in perfect condition, its demand for irrigation is high. What’s more: to be able to grow in conditions, the ideal lawn environment is heat and humidity. Something that, in the summer rigors, is stretched rather little.

For this reason, irrigation becomes one of the most important lawn care in summer. But be careful because we can’t confuse watering with watering. As much as we think that excess water is good for our green carpet, it is not so. It is true that it is essential to have a daily irrigation schedule. But so is that the intensity must depend on the level of soil moisture. Watering too much can be counterproductive. However, let’s have something clear: more than daily surface watering, the lawn appreciates a couple of deep waterings a week. Only then can water penetrate conditions to the roots of the grass.

If we have an area of ​​the garden that we have reseeded, be careful. That new lawn will need more moisture than the rest, so it is important to take care that it is always watered in conditions.

3. Pay to promote growth

To favor that our grass has the energy that it demands, it is worth to apply a dose of fertilizer. Thanks to him and always using it after cutting, followed by irrigation, we can favor its growth and strength.

But beware. The use of fertilizer, of whatever type, must be reserved for hours of minimum solar sunshine. Or, put another way, for the first or last hour of the day. And it is not the only precaution we have to take: added, it is not advisable to abuse it. It is enough with a monthly application or, at most, every three weeks. If you opt for a slow-release fertilizer, one dose will be sufficient throughout the summer.

4. Prepare the planting of new grass

As bald as your garden may have, no: it is not time to plant. And, although we want to solve the ravages of winter in our grass, summer is not a good ally for this task.

In order to grow with health, our lawn will demand a large amount of water. And, added, it is highly likely that even giving it will prosper as it should. Therefore, you have to have a little patience and reseed the grass in autumn.

 That we cannot plant does not mean that we cannot begin to prepare the ground. What’s more: summer is an ideal time to start conditioning the soil for a new life. Not only can we take advantage of it to lift and remove the soil that is damaged, favoring aeration and so that the ground is decompressed. We can also nourish it by applying an organic substrate, such as earthworm humus, as a grass-specific swab.


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