How To Buy A Healthy Plant?

How To Buy A Healthy Plant?

You can grow plants yourself with seeds or seedlings, but most often, people buy grown-up plants. How do you choose a plant that is not too old and healthy?

  1. Analyze its leaves and stems carefully to make sure they have no pests or diseases: stained leaves, holes in the leaves… The purchase of a diseased plant will infect the rest of your plants.
  2. Rejects those whose roots leave through the drainage holes of the pots; it is an indication that they have been waiting for a transplant for too long; the same could be said of those that form light roots on the surface of the earth.
  3. The plant has to be perfectly rooted. Check that the plant is well stabilized, giving a slight pull of the stem; You should not leave easily. Example: trees that have been removed from the ground and have been potted and want to sell them ahead of time, before it has taken root well in the container.
  4. It also rejects those that have uneven development on their sides.
  5. In winter, it is not a good time to buy indoor plants because homes have heating, dry air, and less light, very different conditions from those in a nursery or garden center. Change can kill them.
  6. Inspect the leaves and stems from certifying that you have no insects or suspicious spots.
  7. Take the root ball out of the pot to look at the roots. This root ball should not be undone when removed because it would be a sign of poor rooting.
  8. The roots should be abundant, light in color, indicating good health and growth, and not blackish, indicating rot.
  9. Nor should it have excessively congested roots because it would indicate that it has been there for a long time without changing to a larger container.
  10. Avoid buying it if roots appear from the bottom of the pot.
  11. If it’s flower plants, choose those that have many unopened buds.


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