Horseradish Planting

Horseradish Planting

Armoracia rusticana


If we don’t want long, straight roots, it doesn’t require much work. We reproduce it with lateral roots, planted in spring in a hole 30 cm deep, in which we put 20 cm of compost on the bottom. In the ground, it must be planted inclined because, in this way, it grows without too many side roots.


Among the rows at least 40 cm, between the plants in a row at least 80 cm.


Sunny, half-shaded wings.


One plant is enough for one member.

Date of sowing

We plant in early spring, as early as March.


In autumn, we fertilize the earth with manure. In the spring, instead of in the hole in which we will plant the horseradish, we also add the compote. We occasionally water with a mixture of nettles and comfrey.


In the drought years, it is good to sprinkle it once a week to weaken its taste.

Good neighbors

potato, plums

Bad neighbors


Diseases and pests

Similar to the crucifers – articles, caterpillars. Help to sow between potatoes, watering with algae concoctions. If the problems are more significant, we use tomato tea or preparations purchased.


We uproot it with forks for hoeing. We are careful to extract all the roots from the earth; otherwise, the following year, they will sprout and be a weed among the other vegetables. We keep it in damp sand in the cellar.


We use the fleshy, fresh, or cooked root. It contains a lot of sulfur, which disinfects the entire digestive system. The new leaves of the horseradish and its buds are also edible. They provide a lot of vitamin C and beta carotene.


We cultivate it separately to avoid problems as well as with the weed.

Special features

It is a perennial plant, which comes from the south-east of Europe and West Asia, is a relative of the cruciferous women.


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