Chinese Cabbage or Beijing Cabbage Planting

Chinese Cabbage or Beijing Cabbage Planting

Brassica rapa


We plant directly on a permanent place in heaps of 2-3 seeds, or we prepare seedlings with ground bread of the root. Without the latter, it does not tolerate transplantation well. If at least three seeds sprout, we cut the two weakest plants.


Among the rows at least 30 cm, among the plants in a row at least 30 cm.


Sunny in half shade.


From 5 to 10 plants per person.

Date of sowing

In the second half of July-first half of August, we transplant until the first week of September. Sprouts from 10 to 12 days.


Possible with home compote. It does not need fertilizing. It is enough to feed the previous plant with manure. We provide that the earth becomes light and occasionally water with a concoction of comfrey. We avoid mineral fertilizers.


It is less demanding, but we provide that it does not lack moisture.

Good neighbors

chard, spinach, peas, beans, celery, nasturtiums, peppermint, sage, chamomile

Bad neighbors


Diseases and pests

Altica and caterpillars of butterflies. Nearby we plant aromatic herbs.


Withstands low temperatures can stay on the garden until December. We cut the heads when the weather is dry and store them wrapped in newspapers in a cold and not too dry cellar, having to exist for up to three months.


We eat fresh leaves or in different dishes. The leaves are fragile, delicate, somewhat sweet. They contain fewer vitamins than other cruciferous women.


It increases in 6-8 weeks after transplanting and provides vitamins when they are already in decline. On long days it forms the flower, so we plant it in the second half of the summer.

Special features

We know the green variant and the white one (coarse).


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