Growing in a grow box. Tips, tricks, instructions

For beginners who want to discover the world of crop production, one question will always be acute – what can be grown in a grow tent 5×10? The answer is very simple – almost every crop the grower desires. It will be limited only by the amount of harvest, due to the size of the box itself. But before we pay attention to the question of what plants can be grown, consider the components of a grow box.

Growbox characteristics.

A grow box is a box-shaped structure that is specially equipped for growing grain crops at home. At the same time, they are not affected by weather and climatic conditions, since the entire climate is created in the box thanks to ventilation, lighting, and other components. The box itself can be of various sizes, it all depends on the goals that the grower himself has set for himself. Small boxes (30 cm minimum) can be compact, convenient, and inconspicuous, but at the same time they will not come out with a special harvest. Large boxes will provide you with a good harvest, moreover, they are quite convenient in themselves.

The main task of any properly equipped grow box is to create and maintain the right conditions for growing plants. To obtain the necessary conditions, you need to equip the box with two elements, without which the plants simply will not develop – these are lighting and ventilation. Boxing always has three main components:

  • The box itself is covered inside with reflective material.
  • Lighting. HPS sodium lamps are usually used.
  • Ventilation. Necessary for the circulation of fresh air.

Despite the seemingly simple, the box must be equipped correctly, otherwise, you can get not quite the desired result.

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